Sinewave Inverter

A low cost pure sinewave inverter/UPS system using a powerful micro-processor designed to withstand crazy power grid supply systems. We are manufacturers and B2B sellers of pure sinewave power control circuits and assembly kits for inverters that operate in single phase(from .5KW to 10KW) in India.

Sinewave inverter features

  • Pure sine-wave inverters and UPS systems
  • Half-cycle correction
  • 1KVA to 10KVA capacity systems available
  • Microprocessor controlled systems
  • In-built circuit protection against power supply faults
  • LCD display
  • Industrial grade electronic components for long life
  • Auto charge on solar power when available saving electricity bill
  • Grid-connected and off-grid mode of operation
  • Auto-switch to AC mains when solar is not sufficient

Our power control circuits for sinewave inverters and complete assembly kits for pure sinewave inverters are being used by several leading inverter brands who sell their products worldwide.

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