Remote relay control

An internet controlled secure system that uses (Advanced Encryption Standard)AES 256 encryption to communicate and allows a user to control remote electrical appliances, collect data using sensors or perform schedules tasks.

Remote relay control - features

  • Create schedule for relays and store them locally in the device
  • Alert on anomalies
  • Control upto 20 devices of upto 1K AMP each using a contactor with main circuitry isolated
  • Isolated circuitry to prevent damage to relay control device in case of a power surge, short circuit or deliberate sabotage.
  • Monitor schedules and energy consumption using our compact energy meters
  • Relay control over RF, bluetooth or GSM/GPRS/2G/3G/4G networks
  • Low footprint protocol to save reduce data transfer over networks
  • Industry standard AES 256 encryption for secure communication

We are suppliers to several companies who use our products in industrial, healthcare, telecom and banking sectors.

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