VTS with vehicle imobalizer

Our Vehicle Tracking System(VTS) that comes with a GPS/GSM and several other optional add-ons now also has a new  option of a vehicle immobilizer.

The vehicle immobilizer works as an on/off switch and can be coupled with other options such as geo-fencing, manual operation etc.

So for example, if the immobilizer is activated and coupled with the geo-fencing module the vehicle will shut itself off as soon as the vehicle leaves the polygon geo-fence defined as boundary for that vehicle. This is specifically useful for vehicle that are expected to follow routes and the vehicles stray from the allowed area.

It is possible for a trained mechanic to by-pass the immobilizer, but it will certainly require thorough knowledge of the vehicle electrical system as well as a lot of time in order to by pass it.

Ofcourse a vehicle that is supposed to be stationery using an immobilizer but continues to move will generate a level 4 alert in the system and the built-in power backup of our VTS will instantly report the alerts to the fleet managers.

Please write to us to know more about our immobilizer attachments for our Vehicle Tracking System.




RF based local positioning system

We recently developed an experimental local positioning system for a retail store that wanted to provide an interactive map to its visitors that showed a live “you are here” pointer within the store.

While the positioning system does not necessarily tell the user the exact location, it does indicate the “section” of the store that the user is in.

We used our proven RF module for the proximity detection signal strength for overlapping sections to determine which part of the store was the user actually in.

So far its been working pretty good but more algorithmic changes are required for the readings to become more reliable.

A smart kwh panel meter with RF, RS485 or GSM communication

The SM series at TIBEI is an energy meter series that records energy consumption as is able to transmit data over multiple communication models including Short range RF(50 feet), RS485 bus or using an in-built GSM modem as well.

Our KWH meters with RF and RS485 communication are being used  in prepaid electricity systems world-wide.

The KWH meters in SM series are not in regular production as yet and are manufactured on request. If you would like to know more about our KWH meters please write to us and we can provide you information on lot sizes as well as pricing information.

Scheduled appliance on/off control with remote access

TIBEI labs recently developed a low cost device(SR-200) that can be used to turn on/off appliances at pre-determined schedules that are stored within the unit itself and can be updated any time from the internet.

To understand this function better… consider the following use cases

Water pumping equipment turn on/off
In several parts of India, fresh water supply is available in residential and commercial establishments for only a fixed time during the morning and evening. The occupants of these premises have to remember to turn on/off the pumping equipment at the right time everyday or they will have shortage for the entire day. With the SR-200, they now attach a small water flow sensor and turn on/off the water pump at the right time everyday without any manual intervention.

Glow-signs outside shops and restaurants
Automatically turn them on at 6:30PM and turn them off at 4:00AM. Simple!

There are probably a thousand applications for such a gadget that our clients have communicated to us that we couldn’t have imagined at the time when we were developing the product.

Scheduled Relay System (SR-200)

  • All models – Local web based access controlled interface to configure the appliance schedules using your laptop!
  • Some models have extra ports for sensor attachments – temperature, kwh meters, luminance, PIR, water flow sensor, load cells etc.
  • SR series are available in many configurations and price ranges from $60 – $800 per piece in per lot volume. 1 lot is 20 units.

Gadget that keeps your equipment stay connected – Always!

Digital signage systems, remotely located computers, internet routers, they all invariably hang and loose connectivity. In most cases, the solution is to simply “restart” the equipment by sending someone over to the location who disconnects the power supply and then reconnects the equipment. This solution however is time consuming, manual and expensive.

Introducing our new low cost equipment restarter gadget XJ-100. The XJ-100 is a simple piece of electronic equipment that has a 220/110v AC input and 220/110 AC output and an Ethernet port.

Simply plug all your equipment into the output port of the XJ-100 and connect the input port to the wall socket power supply. Then connect the Ethernet port to the router or machine that should always have internet connectivity. That’s it!

The XJ-100 will ping to check for connectivity and when it cannot, it will sever power to the output port for 30 seconds. This will shut down the equipment and restart it after 30 seconds.

From our experience, this tiny gadget has saved signage companies, remote surveillance equipment operating companies a huge amount of money that they were spending in sending people over to “restart the equipment”. The XJ-100 has over time proven its mettle for use with IP cameras and home surveillance equipment, data loggers, touch kiosks, vending machine etc.

The XJ-100 also has a built-in web server that can be used to configure various parameters of the equipment. For example, which URL to ping for testing connectivity. Minimum re-start time in minutes to ensure that equipment doesn’t keep restarting when connectivity is lost.

The XJ-100 is 2″ x 6″ x 6″ and costs just $80.00 !!

XJ-100 is only manufactured on request and is not in our regular production cycle as yet. We do offer paid samples, but XJ-100 is sold usually in bulks of 100 to achieve the $80 pricing.

Please write to us to know more about the XJ-100.

Solar panel performance tracking

Last week we successfully integrated our performance tracking code into our Ahoy series MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charger. Now with the performance tracking module into our new releases the MPPT chargers digitally report the amount of electricity generated by each array of solar panels that is connected to a charger. This data can now be communicated to a computer in real-time and used to detect malfunctioning or less efficient solar panels.

Our new MPPT chargers are fully compatible with our AHOY series solar inverters

BTW we will be testing several solar panels using this method in the coming months from various manufacturers and posting our results on this blog.

If you are a solar panel manufacturer and would like to see the performance data of your solar panels vis-a-vis other manufacturers, please write to us and we can try to include your products in are phased testing process.


Active RFID for livestock tracking

TIBEI was recently approached for a project that required us to develop a customized wearable RFID tag with a 50 feet reading range and a 1 year battery life. A concept that would enable the project managers to track 100,000 livestock at a farm without expensive GPS/GSM tracking.

The cost of the our wearable tag was USD 2.00 !!!

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