Fleet Management System

Our fleet management system is a ready to turn-key solution for fleet tracking. We provide both hardware and software to automate the complete life-cycle of fleet management and tracking with integration options to your existing software platforms.

Fleet Management System features

GPS based VTS systems that have an in-built antenna allow accurate collection of positioning data without any external antenna installations and are compatible with several communication modules that can be stacked or in-built into the primary circuit to send data to a central server.

  • In-built storage for data when connectivity isn't available
  • Rugged casing for long life of the equipment
  • In-built power backup to allow equipment to function in case the external power is cut-off
  • Minimal footprint protocols to save data communication costs.
  • In-built fault tolerance in case of power supply fluctuations
  • Easy to integrate into any existing software platform
  • Easy installation with in-built antenna that does not require external wiring or antenna setup
  • Cloud based central server for easy expansion when more equipment is added to a project

We are suppliers to several industrial VTS solutions providers who use our products worldwide. Our products are VTS products are available in Indian, European, Australian, African and American GSM wavebands

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