Energy Meter Reader - Features

Energy meter reader is a device that can read meter readings from 1-30 energy meters that produce digital or pulse output. our reader is configurable to match the protocol of the most energy meters. Our energy meter reader can consolidate data from multiple meters and then transmit data over wired ethernet or RF or GSM channels.

  • Collect data from 1-30 meters(multiple models available
  • Configurable to read pulse as well as digital outputs
  • Wired CAT5, RS485 communication channels
  • Wireless communication capability over Bluetooth, Low power RF or GSM networks
  • Cloud based software application to allow easy management
  • APIs available to allow integration of our solution with your existing software applications
  • Robust electronics for outdoor use

Energy meter reader - Variants

  • R Series - For use with RS485 output based meters.
  • P Series - For use with pulse output based meters.

Our system is in use in several residential projects in India.

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