B2B Electronics

TIBEI over the last few years has developed industry leading solutions in B2B space for various appliance manufacturers in energy, automation, low power RF and healthcare sector.

Pure sinewave inverters

A low cost pure sinewave inverter/ UPS system using a 1Ghz mircopocessor designed to withstand crazy power grid supply systems.

Hybrid solar inverters and UPS systems

Low cost, robust solar inverter and control circuit that redefines the way solar inverters are created with half cycle correction.

Vehicle Tracking Systems(VTS)

Easy, reliable and low cost vehicle tracking device for fleet management systems using GPS/GSM and in-built antenna system.

Home automation solutions

Appliance scheduling, energy consumption monitoring, sensor based action protocols that can be operated by a 10 year old person. Ahem! installation will require an certified electritian though.

Panel energy meters

Kwh, Frequency, Voltage and othermulti function meters in stand alone, pulse output.

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