Digital panel meters - Models

We manufacture over 30 types of Digita panel meters in all standard industrial sizes.Digital panel meters come with LED, Segment Display or LCD display systems. We also offer white-labeled panel meters that allow you to sell our meters under your brand. Our meters include single phase, and 3-phase KWH meters. Our meters are available in circuit format of including panel casing.

  • Digital Frequency meters
  • Digital Voltage meters
  • Digital KWH meters
  • Digital KWH + Voltage meters
  • Digital KWH + Voltage + Frequency meters
  • Digital KWH + Voltage + Frequency + Amperage meters
  • Digital Mili amp meters
  • Digital Mili volt meters
  • Digital power factor meters
  • Digital Watt Meters
  • Phase Sequence Indicators

Digital panel meter - communication types

  • Wired communication
  • Low power RF communication for 50 feet range
  • Bluetooth communication
  • GSM/2G/3G/4G/GPRS communication
3 phase amp meter

digital volt meter

digital frequency meter

We are suppliers to leading contractors and manufacturers of appliances who use our meters. Several known brands in panel meter industry use our reliable and low cost electronic circuits.

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